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Hail Damage

Our mission is to help vehicle owners throughout Colorado maintain their investment and keep their cars looking beautiful and hail free. We do this by providing the highest quality paintless dent repair services possible, and only hire the most experienced technicians to ensure quality of service.

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as paintless dent removal, is the environmentally friendly art of removing dents, dings and hail damage from an automobile without the need for repainting. This is an innovative, specialized and meticulous process that involves the use of specialized, non-invasive tools (metal rods varying in size and shape), and lights. The hail dents are removed by a technician pushing and massaging each dent in a very precise manner, carefully applying pressure to the backside of the dent; restoring the panel to its original shape. Depending on the location of the damage on the panel; the dent can be accessed by removing trim pieces, through window openings, or by removing inner panels.

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Dent and Door Dings

Door dings will happen no matter how careful you are - parking lots and garages are the top culprits on mystery dings. Have you ever noticed a glimmer in your car as you walk back out to it with your shopping bags? Are the cars parked next to you different? If so, there’s a good chance our friendly parking lot neighbor love tapped your car a little too hard. Leaving the park and notice a nice new, ball size dent on your vehicle? It’s likely your vehicle was the victim of a runaway pass.



No matter how minor the dent or damage, it can and will affect the curb appeal and (more importantly) the value of your vehicle. Please, let the professionals repair the damage before you try an at home quick fix. When a dent occurs without cracking the paint, the best method of repair is almost always paintless dent repair.

Our techniques will leave your vehicle looking as good as new, value intact, without needing to paint.

You will have a hard time finding the spot of the dent after we repair your vehicle - they become erased! Using the paintless dent repair method allows us to guide the panel back into its original and natural position, without messing with the finish of your vehicle.

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Plastic Bumper Dents

The front and rear plastic bumper covers are attached to the metal bumpers on the vehicle. Most plastic bumper covers are painted to match the color of the vehicle car body. The front and rear bumper covers on a vehicle take a lot of abuse and are subjected to rock chips, shopping cart collisions, and “bumps” with other vehicles. When your bumper cover gets scratched, scraped, or gouged, you can repair the bumper yourself using the products and procedures outlined below.


Flexible Plastic Bumper Cover repair procedures generally below fall into three categories

Flexible Plastic Bumper Cover repair procedures generally below fall into three categories

Minor Damage: Minor scratches and scrapes that can be repaired by simply sanding and polishing.

Medium Damage: Deeper scratches or scrapes that can only be repaired by repainting.

Major Damage: Damage to the bumper cover that includes holes, punctures, dents and tears that will require adhesives, filler and paint to repair.

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